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2024 Cascade Marketplace Vendor Rules 

The Cascade Marketplace is located in the heart of downtown Cascade at 119 S. Main Street, Cascade, Idaho 83611.  Our Welcome to our First 2024 Season begins with Grand Opening weekend beginning Father's Day Weekend, June 14th, 2024! The regular season runs through October 28th. Check in with us for more information on Holiday Markets over the Winter!

Hours of Operation:

Cascade Marketplace is open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, as vendor’s prefer. With Holiday Market reservations available.   

Terms of Space Reservation:

Reservations must be renewed each year by paying the reservation fee to reserve a space that aligns with the number of weeks desired (6, 12 or 18 weeks, with optional Holiday add-ons). See Reservation Fees, below. Each vendor must agree to abide by the rules of the Market as outlined below. 

The Board of Directors reserves the right to turn down a vendor’s application for any reason or may terminate a vendor’s reservation at any time for rule violations. Priority placement will be given to those returning members who have completed the application process on or before March 1st. 

Vendor Fees:

The annual Market reservation fee is determined according to each 10-foot wide space your booth uses. Vendors must apply for space by submitting a vendor application. Applications are available on the Market website: www.cascademercantile com, under the Marketplace tab on the homepage. The yearly reservation fee must be paid before the first Market attended.


The following fee structure has been approved by the Board of Directors for the 2024 Market Season: 

  • Reservation fee is $100.00 per weekend covering both Saturday and Sunday, per 10-foot-wide space. Or we also offer $65 for a single day reservation.

  • If an additional space is needed, there will be additional fees. Market Manager must approve the additional space.

  • Weekly spots can be reserved on a case by case scenario. Submit your Vendor Application for review and notate if this is desired.

  • Electricity is available on a limited, first come, first served basis. If you require electricity, you must request it thru the Vendor Application, and it must be approved by the Market Manager. 

  • All fees (including reservation, weekly and reinstatement) are payable in advance and are Non-Refundable. 


Spring Vendor Meeting:

An orientation meeting for new and returning vendors is held each year before the opening day of the market. All returning vendors will be notified as to the date, time and location of the spring meeting at least one week in advance of the actual meeting date. 

Items for Sale: 

  • We intend for our market to feature products that have been crafted, raised, produced, prepared, or grown inside of the 100-mile radius around Cascade, ID. 

  • All produce must be locally grown.  Produce vendors may not bring produce in from outside the 100-mile radius of Cascade, Idaho for resale at the market. 

  • Items for sale include vegetables, fruits, potted plants, cut and dried flowers, other agricultural products, prepared foods, and handcrafted items grown or made within a 100 mile radius of Cascade, Idaho. 

  • All agricultural, produce, and food vendors must follow local and state standards as set by the State of Idaho. 


Rules for Vendors:

The Board of Directors has set forth the following Rules for Vendors: 

  1. All Vendors will respect all Market staff and their fellow vendors and will treat one another kindly. No foul language allowed. Offensive, abusive or threatening remarks will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with another Vendor and cannot work it out, please ask the Market Manager to intervene. 

  2. All Vendors will represent themselves, staff, volunteers, entertainment, and the Market in a professional manner when interacting with Market staff, customers and other vendors. 

  3. The Market Manager determines what is allowed to be sold at the Market with guidance from the Board of Directors. 

  4. There is no product exclusivity. If someone else is selling a similar item to what you are selling, it has been approved by the Market Manager according to the guidelines set by the Board of Directors. If you feel that a vendor is selling something they are not supposed to, DO NOT CONFRONT THE VENDOR YOURSELF. Contact the Market Manager with your concerns. 

  5. All Vendors will maintain a clean, attractive display in their booths. 

  6. No Vendor's animals are allowed in the Market area except Service Animals after approval from the Market Manager. 

  7. Children of Vendors are always welcome. Children under the age of 10 must be under control of their parent or guardian at all times. 

  8. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on premises, unless it is a specialty food item, or otherwise approved by the Board of Directors.

  9. Smoking by vendors is not permitted in the market area. 

  10. All sales pitches and sampling for customers must be inside or directly in front of vendor booths. 

  11. Come prepared with everything you need. You are responsible to bring your own change, bags, etc. Please do not depend on other vendors for these needs. 

  12. All vendors will respect the rights of our customers to come to the Market and find a warm welcoming environment where they can feel safe and secure and enjoy the family- friendly atmosphere. 

  13. Do not begin tearing down your booth early. Doing so will result in a suspension of your reservation, and possible reservation termination. Market Manager must approve any exceptions. 

  14. All equipment, signage, tables, etc. must remain within your booth space. Exceptions must be approved by the Market Manager. Do not place anything in foot-traffic areas. 

  15. Vendors must inform the Market Manager by 9:00 p.m. the Thursday prior to the missed Market if they will not be attending the Market on Saturday. This is important to facilitate vendor placement at the Market on Saturday mornings. Any vendor that is a no-show without communication to the Market Manager will have their Reservation suspended.  

Market Manager phone number: (208) 408-9106 (call or text) 

16. Photos taken by Market personnel are the sole property of Cascade Marketplace. Members grant permission to use their likeness, and photo representations of their products, booth, and any items on public display to Cascade Marketplace in perpetuity. 

Vendor Responsibilities

  • Vendors will provide their own canopy, tables, chairs, change, and bags. 

  • Canopies: All vendors who erect canopies on the farmers' market site during normal hours of market operations, including the setup and break down period, are required to have their canopies sufficiently and safely anchored to the ground from the time their canopy is put up until the time it is taken down. Vendors who do not anchor their canopy properly will not be allowed to sell unless they take their canopy down. Canopies must be anchored at each ground contact point. Anchoring is defined as preventing canopy from moving. Suggested weight per corner is 25 pounds. Should an accident occur from an improperly anchored canopy, the owner/user assumes all responsibility for any damages. 

  • Vendors must park in designated areas across the street from the Cascade Fire Station. 

  • Vendors are responsible for setting their own prices, but are encouraged to avoid price gouging other vendors. 

  • Each vendor is responsible for maintaining cleanliness in their booth and the Market area. If you provide samples, provide a small trash can for refuse. Each vendor must take their own trash to the trash bins located on the premises. 


Vendor Loading and Unloading Procedures:

  • No vehicles allowed in the market area (including trailers) except during loading times. Exceptions must be approved by the Market Manager. 

  • Unload your vehicle and move the vehicle to the parking area BEFORE you start setting- up. 

  • There will be NO vehicles coming into or leaving the market area between 8:30 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. If you arrive later than 8:30 a.m., you must carry your items into the Market to set up. 

  • Spaces are assigned at the discretion of the Market Manager. 

  • Vehicles must be turned off during loading/unloading times, NO IDLING.

  • Do not begin tearing down your booth until 2:00 p.m. Tearing down early sends a signal to customers to leave, and is not respectful of your fellow vendors. Exceptions must be approved by the Market Manager. Violating this rule will result in suspension or termination of your Reservation. 


Market Management Policy for Vendor Issues:
The Market Manager is the first and final authority at the market. 

  • Solicitation by charitable or activist groups must be in the designated area and be approved by the Market Manager. 

  • The Market Manager may refuse to allow any vendor or nonprofit organization to set up or sell at the Market. 

  • The Board of Directors will pursue the following procedure in the event a vendor violates any of the rules of the Market: 

    • First Violation: The vendor will be notified by the Market Manager and/or board member of the rule violation in writing. If the vendor refuses to correct the violation, they will be asked to leave immediately, and Reservation may be suspended. 

    • Second Violation: The Vendor’s Reservation will be suspended immediately and they will be asked to leave the Market. A special board meeting will be held following the Market day to determine if the vendor will be terminated permanently. 

The Board of Directors reserves the right to terminate reservation immediately upon the first violation if the offense warrants such action. No portion of any reservation fees or weekly fees will be refunded to any vendor. 

Vendor Permit/License Requirements

  • Each vendor is responsible for obtaining any applicable permits or licenses and posting them as required. A copy of your permits and licenses also need to be given to the Market Manager before a vendor can set up and sell. 

  • The Market recommends for your protection, that ALL food vendors have insurance. The Market requires High-Risk food vendors to have insurance, list Cascade Marketplace as an additional insured, and have their insurance agent send the Market Manager proof of insurance. 

  • Vendors must obtain a tax number from the Idaho State Tax Commission. There is no charge to receive a tax number. Idaho State Tax Commission: (208) 334-7660. 

  • Each vendor must have a copy of their tax certificate in their booth at all times. 

  • A copy of the sales tax certificate must be provided to the Market Manager and will be kept on file. 

  • Each vendor is responsible for paying their own state sales tax.


Food Regulations:

  • Items must be produced and sold in accordance with applicable government regulations. Idaho Cottage Food Regulations dictate what items may be produced in the home and sold at the market. Submitting a Cottage Foods Risk Assessment Form is required for this market. This form is available from Central District Health. Central District Health is the regulating agency for our Market. They are happy to answer questions. (208) 455-5400. 

  • The Market recommends for your protection, that ALL food vendors have insurance. 

  • All food items for sale must be displayed at least 6 inches above ground level or in closed, water-tight containers. Exceptions: melons, pumpkins, winter squash, and potatoes. 

  • Do not handle food items with bare hands. Exceptions: produce that has been washed for sampling (only after hands have been washed at a mobile hand washing station) and eggs. 

  • Whole, raw fruits and vegetables that are intended for washing by the consumer before consumption do not need to be washed before they are sold. 

  • Any vendor cooking, frying, or deep fat frying, is required to have a fire extinguisher. 

  • Violations of food regulations are grounds for suspension of your privilege to sell these items at the Market. The Market Manager must approve the sale of any prepared food items not directly addressed in these regulations. 



Standard Labeling:

All processed and value-added food items require *standard labeling* including the following information on the label: 

  • Vendor’s name. 

  • Vendor’s address or contact information. 

  • Ingredients listed in order of volume (most to least). 

  • Bold or emphasized allergens. These include dairy products, eggs, wheat, soy, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. 

  • Net weight or volume of goods in sealed packages. 


Low-Risk Baked Goods:

Baked goods including yeast breads, quick breads, cookies, pies and cakes containing no meat, cream or custard fillings are allowed. Fruit is allowed. Enclosed pastries containing no more than 20% vegetables by weight are allowed. 

  • These items may be prepared in a home kitchen with sanitized equipment. 

  • Must be in closed packages. 

  • Standard label is required *see above for instructions for standard labeling. 


High-Risk Baked Goods

  • Baked goods including pastries, pies, breads etc. containing cream fillings, custard fillings, meat or 20% vegetables by weight must be prepared in a commercial kitchen and require a permit from Central District Health. 

  • Pumpkin or Squash pie is acceptable only if made with documented shelf stable ingredients (no fresh eggs or milk) or prepared in a commercial kitchen and kept cold (see below). Check with Central District Health. 

  • Items containing more than 2% meat by weight require a permit from Central District Health. 

  • Must be kept in a powered refrigerator or freezer. No coolers allowed. 

  • Temperature must be no higher than 41 degrees F. 

  • Must be in closed packages. 

  • Standard label is required plus the words “keep refrigerated”. *see instructions above* 


Low-Risk Food Items

  • Jams and jellies, candy, honey, dried fruits and vegetables, granolas and unbuttered popcorn may be sold with the following restrictions: 

    • These items may be prepared in a home kitchen with sanitized equipment. 

    • Must be in closed packages. 

  • Products such as dips, salsas, and dressing using low risk ingredients may be prepared on site, and require a permit from Southwest District Health. 

  • Standard label is required. *see instructions above* 

  • Require a Cottage Foods Assessment Form from Central District Health. 


High-Risk Food Items

Items such as pasteurized juices, condiments and dressings, salsas, sauces, pickles, vinegar and herbed oils, and dairy products are considered high-risk. 

  • These items must be prepared in an approved commercial kitchen and must be licensed by Central District Health. 

  • Some High-risk food items may be prepared on site, with a permit from Central District Health. 

  • They must be stored under appropriate conditions. 

  • They must be packaged and labeled correctly. *see instructions above* 


Commercial Kitchens

  • Processed or value added products must be approved by Central District Health Department. High-risk foods and some others are required to have a permit and must be prepared in a commercial kitchen licensed by Central District Health Department or a USDA Inspected Facility (meat products). 

  • The UI Food Technology Center in Caldwell offers classes on developing your food product, and also has a commercial kitchen that can be rented for food preparation. We urge vendors who would like to sell processed food to take advantage of this facility. (208) 455-9650. 


Winter Squash

  • Winter squash may be cut and sold by the piece with the following restrictions: 

    • Winter Squash may be cut off site in a clean prep area, or on site with appropriate utensils sanitizing, and a handwashing station.

    • Must be in closed packages. 


  • Central District Health requires that produce samples are not prepared in a home kitchen; Samples of baked goods may be prepared in a home kitchen. 

  • Samples may be cut on site, however utensils must be sanitized and rinsed before each use and hands washed at a handwashing station. They may be prepared in a commercial kitchen. 

  • Preferred sanitizing solution is 1.5 tsp. – 1 tbsp bleach to 1 gallon of water. 

  • Samples must be kept in a covered container. 

  • Samples must be distributed on toothpicks, in individual wrappers or packages, or in some other manner to prevent physical contact. 

  • Melons may not be sampled unless a permit is obtained from Southwest District Health. Then they must be cut on site and stored at a temperature no higher than 41 degrees F. 


  • Eggs must be kept in a cooler with a thermometer. 

  • Temperature must be no higher than 45 degrees F. 

  • Eggs must be inspected on site for cracks. 

  • Eggs must be in the shell. 

  • Unused egg cartons are preferred. Used cartons are acceptable only if the original lettering is completely blacked out with permanent marker. 

  • Standard label is required plus the words “ungraded eggs” and the date of the sale. 


Contact Information:

If you have questions concerning Cascade Marketplace or in case of emergency please contact: 

Market Manager: Farah Petersen


Phone: (208) 408-9106 (call or text) 

Mailing Address: 

Cascade Marketplace

P.O. Box 113
Cascade, Idaho 83611 

Board Member: Craig Martin

Board Member: Sarah Martin

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